OMID = Hope
Hope for a Just and Sustainable World
Renewable Energy, Water, & Refrigeration as a foundation to self-sufficiency for subsistence communities   

85% of the world's poor live in rural areas and make their living on small farms. If we are to address global poverty, the subsistence farmer is a critically important place to begin

OMID began as an idea that emerged from Paul Polak's book Out of Poverty. In that book he tells the story of how he developed a treadle pump to help subsistence farmers bring water from underground for their crops. This invention brought millions out of extreme poverty. 

A group of people, especially an inspired engineer/inventor and an international lawyer, both of whom had seen the devastating impacts of global poverty firsthand, decided to replace the treadle pump with solar powered drip irrigation. This led to the development of the Portable Renewable Energy Platform (PREP)

PREP uses one solar panel and a small pump the system that can move water for up to a mile on level ground and will fill an elevated tank.  Using gravity water flows from the elevated tank into the drip irrigation piping. 

Water is moved from a community well or reservoir by PREP to individual tanks that are used by each farmer to drip-irrigate their crops. Solar power is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly source of power and drip irrigation is the most efficient use of water for most crops. The result is higher productivity, more profits and greater self-sufficiency for the farmer. PREP is a triple bottom line product - financially profitable, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable.

As the team learned more about the challenges facing the famers, we discovered that as much as 50% of the crops they grow end up rotting in the fields. We entered into a partnership with SolerCool, Ltd and SolerCool, Colombia, to use their invention, the  ColdShed (patent pending). This is a small solar powered building that can keep up to two tons of fruits and vegetables cold so the farmer has a longer time to get them to market.

The founders of OMID have invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars developing the technology, building the prototypes, paying for multiple trips to South America to meet with communities and to set up the testing site at SENA. 

In Colombia we have already funded: 
- Setting up the demonstration and testing site at SENA University (See Projects Page)
- Donated the solar system that will deliver water to 30 families in the village of Ballito, Colombia (See Projects Page)
- Donated a PREP system to Red Adelco to be used in cooperation with the United Nations in a FARC resettlement area as part of the peace process. 

OMID is now reaching out to others. We need help to bring renewable, cutting edge solutions to address the problems of the most vulnerable populations.

 Please help us bring these life-changing platforms to Colombia and other developing countries. 

This Website is in the process of being redesigned, please come back to learn more details about  our current and future projects.