OMID = HOPE    Hope for Sustainable Society

About OMID / Board of Directors

Nearly half of the earth’s population lives on less than two dollars per day. What if you could increase the earning power of these extremely poor people by a factor of three or more? What if you could reduce poverty and restore nature’s balance on the planet?

OMID-USA has found a way, and calls upon your generosity to support our initiatives and upcoming events. Do not miss the opportunity to positively impact economies on a global scale.

The answers to the above questions lie in a market-driven, agriculture-based solution that can sustain subsistence farmers, increase their productivity, and maximize their income. OMID, a non- profit 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2009, is dedicated to such a cause.

We create income opportunities for the subsistence farmers through innovative design solutions and micro-credit lending. Our technologies are affordable, highly scalable, and replicable, and attack poverty at its roots by satisfying the basic needs of subsistence farmers in a sustainable manner. Our goal is to increase, by a factor of three or more, the earning power of over one million people through agriculture-related technical assistance and micro-credit lending.

OMID began with an idea: to address the global concerns of poverty and access to clean water. One of the solutions developed by OMID and students from the University of Cincinnati is displacement of water by using the Portable Renewable Energy Platform (PREP)TM. This is a highly mobile solar-powered energy platform, used for various purposes such as drip irrigation, that costs less than $250. Other development initiatives include environmental-friendly distillation of brackish water for agricultural purposes, cold-storage of produced products, and post-production pressing of the products. 

OMID USA, Inc. Board of Directors 

Dr. Mohsen Rezayat (CEO and President)

Mr. Nelson Lees (Treasurer)  

Ms. Cate Yellig (Secretary) 

Mr. Aaron Bernay 

Mr. Joseph Dehner

Dr. Nemat Moussavian

Dr. David Weiskittel
Dr. James Buchanan
Dr. Kyung Noh